Artist in oil and acrylic. Born in Camberley, Surrey, settling in Fleet, Hampshire. Studied at Guildford School of Art. 1957 - 1962 where he was trained as a poster designer. Leonard passed his National Diploma in Design with Distinction in 1962, and in 1975, he gained the affix of MSIAD (Member of the Industrial Artists and Designers.

In 1990 Leonard was awarded the highest professional qualification in graphic design - A Life Fellowship of the Chartered Society of Designers (FCSD).

After a long and successful career in Graphic Design, Leonard decided to apply his creativity to fine art. He had a lot of catching-up to do; learning to use different mediums and techniques. From 2013 - Present Leonard sold paintings through online galleries, during which time he developed a collection of paintings called: New Modern Romance - (a mix of Classical and Contemporary art). Leonard decided to revamp Romanticism of Arthurian Legend and set it in a new dimension. Abstract art, Art Nouveau, Mystical Symbolism inspired the gift of the extraordinary in the portraiture of beautiful women integrated with powerful abstract designs.