Northern Art


The influence for my paintings in Northern Art springs from the founder of Northern: L.S.Lowry – famous for painting scenes of life in the industrial districts of North West England, and also through my Mother who lived in Stockport Cheshire, this too gave me a strong connection and inspiration to paint scenes of Northern Industrial landscapes and the human struggle which gave 'Northern Folk' their identity.

That is why I have produced a number of paintings depicting the courageous 'Jarrow Crusade' (the march for work: October, 1936 From Jarrow to Downing Street, London – 600 miles) a protest against mass unemployment and poverty.


Another emotive subject matter I love to portray is Coal Miners, for they too made courageous sacrifices in very harsh and dangerous environments and they too experienced unemployment and poverty when the Coal Mines began to close down in the early 1960's.




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